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mks_vir 2007mks_vir 2007 torrent
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mks_vir was first established in 1987 as a response to the epidemic computer?? ka viruses multiplied?? i. mks_vir packages offered today is a modern antivirus application that is based on the latest?? i technologies.The package is designed to work in all current systems package company?? owned companies operating Windows consists of several large modules. Their combined function?? Cita va?? computer from intrusions, malicious programs.Antivirus monitor, deeply rooted in the core Windows system control in real time all file management. This makes it strong? Well, to prevent activation of the virus associated with the implementation of the operations on the hard disk, floppy disk, CD / DVD, or other carriers.The monitor when activated, controls the computer's memory is the virus name?? Cen. If so, removed.Disk virus scanner and the file is part of the traditional anti-virus software. During the run fast scanning?? Many physical and network?? Do not plant. Detects viruses, Trojans and worms. ?? S more, in addition to conventional scanner works on Windows, mks_vir package also contains a 32-bit DOS scanner (full merger?? Way that is compatible with the version of Windows). This scanner allows removing viruses from files with Windows, used, and also to remove viruses present in the boot sector and partition table on the hard disk. In special cases, it can be disinfected?? Your computer to go, when he started from the installation CD or?? Carrots from a floppy disk in mks_vir package.mks_update Program to minimize cost?? Ing fo r an internet connection thanks to the mechanism disposed of?? Approx. For small network?? Them one workstation with an Internet connection to download the update element. Other stations update the software via a local network?? Than the station.Note: If you?? Want to use this software in test mode, you must register.

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