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Download the music you love

Download free music to listen to offline on all your devices. Grab fresh and rare tunes, favorite ASMR sounds, trending music. Get the original stream with the highest audio bitrate (up to 192 kbps). Сonvert to MP3 keeping the best possible quality.

Music in bulk

Get the whole world of music. Find playlists and channels to match your mood. Download and convert in a moment. This is the unique feature of Free to MP3 Converter.

Pure sound

Convert to lossless and lossy. Formats available: MP3, M4A (AAC), WAV, FLAC, and OGG. Download the original stream to get high-quality sound.

Perfect match

Download from to iTunes automatically. Free to MP3 Converter makes it easy to add output files to new iTunes playlist. Set your music library ready for an instant playback on the iPhone and iPad.


Enjoy multithreaded downloading. Download playlists and separate links - all at once. Customize output names easily. Fill MP3 tags and artworks automatically.

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just have to say, one of the BEST programs out there, soo handy in a lot of ways!!! Have been using it for over 3 years and have recommended it to a few friends who ended up using it to!!! soo glad it just updates as needed and has never given me a virus unlike soo many other crappy internet music/ movie downloading programs out there!!!! NEVER STOP making this studio program guys!!! From one happy customer!!!

by Amanda

AWESOME!!! I have been using this tool for years and it is just getting is just getting better and better!!! Then only thing i use to download music from is this!!! But it would be even better if you could download from Spotify, yes i know that is impossible but still 5 of 5!!!!!!

by FreddyTheWinner

Just the Best to MP3 Converter! IT'S RECOMENDED! TO EVERYONE!

by Erick

I am absolutely happy that there is such software! Thank you to the producers, this is definitely one of the best MP3 Converter I have ever used

by Lisa

Awesome programe!! It didn't give me any sort of pop-ups viruses or anything funky! Just music :)

by Maria

I love this it helps me to download all my favorite music from, so I don't have to buy an Itunes pass.

by Sean

Just Amazing, i mean truly Amazing software. Awesome job Devs really good work!!! And thx for keep it updated with the updates ;)!!!

by Human

Amazing! Absolutely 100% the best software for downloading music out there.

by Rin

AWESOME! 5/5 Best software out there! And it's free! Congrats to developers for their awesome work and effort! Love it. Keep doing this.

by AWESOME! 5/5 Best software out there! And it'


by DJ53118

Cool converter. Works great!

by Sarah

Great app! It's a life saver!

by Arshee

I really love this software and so far it works great although there seems to be a small issue. Some of the songs I want to download are rated 18+ for their music video and whenever I try to download the audio I get a message saying that my login is required. I am logged into so I don't understand why I can't download the song.

by Emilia

Im just checking if this website actually allows you to post comments... other than just robots saying it works


Though the site seems a bit shady, I've found this program to do its job very well. And for those of you worried about viruses, I've scanned it with malwarebytes and it's clean.

by Joey

It is a great program and the quality of the downloads are very good. Very satisfied with it! On top of that, for DJ's it is very good program because you can download all of your music :)

by DJGuartes

I've been using this program for so many years and it's never failed me in any way. Best converter, easiest converter, and simplest converter out there. I recommend this to anyone on my Facebook who asks and everyone is always please. THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME PROGRAM DVD VIDEO SOFT!!!

by Dylan JD.

Excellent, I use it a lot, no better solution for this job on the Planet then DVDvideosoft - and this applies to their other softwares.

by Jozsef

Free to Mp3 Converter it is a very good software! I recommend this software to everyone! Thanks.

by mahira

Been using this all of DvdVideoSoft's programs for years now with no problems or any viruses. Thank you guys and/or girls for producing such wonderful software. Currently, I am using this software to download some sounds from to compete a movie trailer I have to make for class.

by George Forge

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